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Oct 1, 2022Julian K. Arni

Updates (October, 2022)

Streaming logs, aarch64 support, monitoring, and more.

It's been a while since I've posted an update! A lot of that time went into improving reliability, setting up monitoring, and related things. Some of that time also went into figuring out what I want Garnix to be — whether to take investment, for example (I'll try to manage without it if I can).

In terms of product features, the biggest one is streaming logs. That means you no longer have to wait for the build to finish (in either GitHub or the Garnix website) before you can see the logs, but instead will see them as they're produced. (On GitHub, you get a shifting window of the last 100 lines.)

I also set max-silent-time (the amount of time that can pass without a line printed to stdout or stderr before a build is stopped) to 30 minutes and timeout (the total amount of time a build is allowed to take) to 2 hours. Nearly all builds that were above this threshold were stalled anyhow.

There's now prerendering for most of the static pages of the website. This should lead to snappier loads, and to those sections working even with JS disabled.

Other changes:

  • Filter ANSI color codes. They were previously showing up as janky question marks.
  • Make public builds public.
  • Made the link on GitHub check go directly to specific build
  • Fixed an issue when redirecting to after configuring the app on github (thanks Rob!)
  • Set a lower priority for (so is preferred) (thanks again Rob!)
  • Fixed some cases where logs were not being displayed

I added support for aarch64-linux via emulation, but as mentioned in the issue, I may soon disable it again due to performance issues. If you want this, make yourself heard in the issue — there are alternatives to emulation.


I'd also love to hear more feedback about using Garnix is going for you, what you found confusing, what features you'd like to see. Get in touch — either by email, or in Discord. (I'll also reach out to a couple of you to see if you'd be up for a call.)

I'll be in this year's NixCon; if you're there as well and use Garnix, please do say hi!

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