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May 14, 2024Sönke Hahn, Alex David, Julian Arni

A simpler, more composable Haskell process library

Mar 14, 2024Julian K. Arni

What happens if we make URLs immutable? A somewhat unusual idea that can substantially improve and simplify deployments.

Dec 19, 2023Alex David

Microsoft's LSP is great for text-editor diversity, but it is severely lacking in flexibility for project-specific configuration.

Dec 7, 2023Alex David

Release announcement for garn version v0.0.19, which includes the ability to import Nix flakes from the internet and from your repository.

Nov 30, 2023Julian K. Arni

Release announcement for garn version v0.0.17 and v0.0.18. Includes better Haskell support, and less confusing file tracking.

Nov 24, 2023Sönke Hahn

Release announcement for garn version v0.0.16

Nov 17, 2023Julian K. Arni

A more contextual and dynamic approach to designing command-line interfaces.

Nov 8, 2023Sönke Hahn

Release announcement for garn version v0.0.15

Nov 2, 2023Julian K. Arni, Alex David, and Sönke Hahn

Announcing garn, a build tool and environment manager based on Nix, Deno and Typescript

Sep 18, 2023Alex David

An abuse of Nix to declaratively compose music

Sep 4, 2023Julian K. Arni

ARM builds, private inputs, badges, new team, funding

Dec 17, 2022Julian K. Arni

Caching in a Nix CI is remarkably easy, safe, and effective!

Oct 1, 2022Julian K. Arni

Streaming logs, aarch64 support, monitoring, and more.

May 14, 2022Julian K. Arni

We've added support for Mac M1 builds. And you can now configure what gets built with the new garnix.yaml file. In other news, we have started accepting donations via Open Collective!

Apr 25, 2022Julian K. Arni

Flakes are a new standard way of distributing nix packages, apps and configurations. This blog post teaches you how they work, by showing you how to convert an existing nix project to flakes.

Apr 13, 2022Julian K. Arni

garnix now by default builds the nixosConfigurations, devShells, devShell, and defaultPackage components. We also improved our UI, and started a discord channel.

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